• arthritis


    Jan 18 2016

    My 12 year old Bichon started refusing to jump on or off the bed when I call her. She also is not jumping in and out of the car on…

  • PuppyTraining

    House Training

    Dec 18 2015

    We are getting a new puppy and are really worried about how to get her house trained. I remember my parents using a rolled up newspaper to correct my childhood…

  • thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving with your pets

    Nov 20 2015

    The Thanksgiving holiday is nearly upon us, with its smells of turkey roasting and sounds of happy chatter as friends and family gather to celebrate. Uncle Bob looks at Rover’s…

  • halloween

    Happy Halloween!

    Oct 31 2015

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays – fun for the whole family! But Halloween can hold some hidden dangers for our furry friends. Here are some tips to ensure…

  • holiday

    Holiday Travel with Your Pet

    Oct 01 2015

    The holiday season often means traveling out of town to visit friends and family. Including your pets in these holiday adventures can be fun for everybody, but it is important…

  • Vaccine

    Vaccine Overview Part 3

    Sep 30 2015

    In parts one and two of our vaccination “alphabet soup” series, the core vaccinations recommended for all cats and dogs were reviewed. But these vaccines are only part of the…

  • Vaccine2

    Vaccine Overview Part 2

    Sep 16 2015

    In our last blog we dove into the alphabet soup of canine core vaccines – DA2P and RV. Our feline friends have their own “alphabet” of vaccine abbreviations. Your cat’s…

  • Vaccine1

    Vaccine Overview Part 1

    Sep 01 2015

    DHLPP, FVRCP, BORD-PI, RV, DA2PPC….. Ever wonder what all those letters on your pet’s receipt after an annual vaccine visit mean? What diseases are your pets being vaccinated for anyway?…

  • felv


    Aug 14 2015

    My 3 year-old cat, Princess, just tested positive for the feline leukemia virus. She seems healthy. She is playing, eating and acting normally. What does this test result mean and…

  • heartworm


    Jul 11 2015

    Mosquitoes! The very thought of them makes me start itching. To our canine and feline friends, mosquitoes represent a much more serious threat than a few itchy bumps. Mosquitoes carry…